ARETHUSE GEOLOGY will help you assessing your exploration programs for consulting, technical expertise, or operation management: set-up and budgeting of exploration program, preliminary site visits and assessment of occurrences, local team management and ground survey management.

ARETHUSE GEOLOGY has exposure on a large range of commodities, deposit types, and geological and geographical contexts. Our geologists were involved in all types and sizes of projects, under different climates and various geology, from Archean to Quaternary formations, from rain forest to desertic places. Our strong point is in gold and base metals (Cu, Pb, Zn).
Our professionals have strong operational abilities with various geological field of expertise: structural geology, petrography and geochemistry, metallogeny, as well as technical support – data management, GIS, targets generation, satellite pictures interpretation, etc.

Our services and our experiences include:

  1. Project review, geological expertise and resources assessments

    A new project usually starts with a desktop study, completed by a field assessment: technical abilities combining metallogenic in-depth understanding, exploration operations, resource estimates, mining geology.

  2. Targets exploration generation

    The preparation of an exploration program is a delicate but strategic step that will decide of the success of your enterprise. ARETHUSE GEOLOGY will help you reviewing key data for your projetcs:

    • Geosciences data compilation
    • Remote sensing data interpretation
    • Advanced geochemical data interpretation
    • Targets generation
  3. Exploration operation field management

    We have a long-lasting experience in implementing field surveys, which are scalable and adaptable to your needs. Efficiency of your exploration program usually relies on a robust field organization that will typically includes an adapted logistic and well trained staff. Your program may include large grassroot exploration areas, to detail in-fill drilling; whether you need a team on the ground or occasional assistance, we’ll help you to launch and maintain your project.

    • Exploration program definition and budgeting
      • Targets and objectives definition
      • Technical program
      • Budget
    • Exploration operations mangement
      • Local team recruitment
      • Technical management of field operations
      • Budget and program follow-up
      • Sample management and preparation, shipment for assays
      • Data management
      • Final reports
    • Regional exploration, stream-sediment and soil geochemistry, geological mapping, trenches
    • Preliminary metallurgical tests
    • Samples laboratory preparation, QaQc implementation

      Some exploration programs in remote places require a remote sample preparation, from crushing to sieving. Our practices are robust and in accordance with international standards. Various levels of QA/QC could be implemented according to the stage of exploration of your project.

    • Geological expertises
      • Structural geology
      • Petrography
      • Metallogeny and target generation
    • Drilling

      We have a long-lasting experience in implementing and managing drilling campaigns, with emphasis on the QA-QC throughout all the phases of the process. We will guide you from scout drilling to a full resources drilling program.

      • Drilling program and budgeting
      • Drilling campaign management and adjustment
      • Sample follow-up from processing to laboratory shipment
      • Data collection
      • Geological interpretation and 3d-modeling