Geomatic – Geology

ARETHUSE GEOLOGY helps you to manage your exploration data, cartographic as well as drilling data, from acquisition to database collection.

The drilling and exploration data management, backbone of the project, is a critical step in building up your assets.
At every stage of exploration, from target generation to field survey, drilling campaign and mining grade control, the integration of your geographical data is an essential supportive tool to your geological work.

Our professionals have a large experience in geomatic, from field data management to target generation and resource estimates. Used to work with any level of quality of data, our geoscientists have developped their skills from these experiences.

  1. Exploration data acquisition and management
    • Field data collection procedures
    • Database audit
    • Project database set-up
    • Historical data acquisition and compilation in a database
  2. Geographic Information System

    The Geographical Information Sytems are essential tools for field geographical data collection, management and processing: targets generation, satellite data interpretation, etc.

    • Data acquisition on field or through specialised institutes
    • Generation of numeric atlases
    • Analyse and comparison of all types of data: geology, geochemistry, geophysic, digital elevation model, etc.
  3. Exploration targets generation, satellite images processing

    Remote sensing processing has become a necessary step in any exploration program. Based on extensive field experience in exploration and mining, ARETHUSE will compare data of different natures: remote sensing, geochemistry, geophysic, with metallogenic paradigms for the area of interest.

    Data compilation :

    • Mineral occurrences atlas
    • Geological context
    • Remote Sensing – interpretation
    • Targets generation
  4. Integration of crucial structural geology data