The transmission of knowledge is one of the missions of ARETHUSE GEOLOGY. Tuned to your needs, ARETHUSE engineers and geologists are highly skilled, and make available the most suitable solutions for your situation.

Dynamic professional trainers will train your staff using time-honored educational methods, developing training courses in relation with expert teaching consultants.

Four main themes are developed by ARETHUSE:

  • Exploration
  • Drilling
  • Resources
  • Grade Control

For each theme, four levels are adapted to the participants’ skills, combining theoretical and practical work. From field practitioners to field geologists, project geologists, team leaders, and project managers, the ARETHUSE training courses are modular, to meet your expectations and needs.

Custom technical options can be created for you, as needed.

In order to maintain the level of ARETHUSE training courses to the highest standards, each session is systematically evaluated, and the return of experience implies a constant evolution of the course contents.