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About us

Arethuse Geology is a consulting company specialised in exploration and mining services: consulting, technical expertise, operation management and mentoring your teams. Providing you with quality information to assess your projects, we enable success of the next exploration stage by bringing new insights and deep conceptual understanding, leveraging suited tools. Focusing on operation management, we have a network of experienced professionals with a proven track record.

Arethuse Geology has a permanent presence in Africa and has recently opened an office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Arethuse Arabia Mining to serve the Saudi mining market.

Arethuse Geology has developped as well a Mining Management capability dedicated to small to mid-size mines in Middle East and Africa. 

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A Practical Boots-on-the-Ground Approach


Consulting Services

Guiding you with a spectrum of tailored Geological Services

research and developpement


Implementing scaled research projects to adress conceptual and technical issues


Contracting services

Providing talented fit-for-purpose professionals to develop your project

Technical expertise

Arethuse Geology works with a focused number of experts that can meet all technical expertise along the mine site's value chain

Studies & engineering

Move your project forward by teaming up with qualified and competent experts to successfully conduct your studies and projects

Field and mining operations

Enhance the success of your project by collaborating with a diverse team of experts who implement practical solutions and have hands-on experience in the field

We collaborate with you to define the scope of your project

Arethuse Geology is dedicated to supporting our clients in the realization of their projects. Collaboration with our team of experienced geologists and skilled engineers who are ready for fieldwork and leveraging innovative tools, will bring added value to your project. Having been involved in a variety of projects worldwide, dealing with a wide range of commodities, metallic and non-metallic, we have developed an agile approach for each situation.