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Arethuse Geology is dedicated to supporting our clients in the realization of their projects. Collaborate with our team of passionate geologists and expert engineers, eager to embark on field missions, use innovative tools, and elevate your project to new heights. The realm of mining is vast, and we are fortunate to have been involved in various projects worldwide, working with different subtance, metallic and non-metallic, essential for building the world of tomorrow.

Gold & Precious Metals, Base Metals

Gold, Silver, Platinoids, Copper, Zinc, Lead etc.

Industrial Minerals

Silica Sand, Limestone, Dolomite , Gypsum, Kaolin, Ball clays, ..

Bulk commodities

Phosphate, Bauxite, Manganese

Strategic & Energy Metals

Nickel, Cobalt, Lithium, Graphite, Uranium, REE, Tungsten, etc.

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Technical Assistance & Operation


Consulting & Expertise


Mineral Resource Estimate


Contract Geologist

In-depth understanding of geology, our main driver

Drilling campaign management and planning

Satellite image processing

Core logging and sampling

Geological mapping

Mining operation and production studies

Structural expertise and stream sediment sampling campaign

Management and organization of campaigns in isolated environments

Resource estimation